TC Risk Advisors works with funds and corporates in every way FX and interest rates impact performance. We augment your team, saving you time and money. As market experts, we recommend strategies that fit not only your situation but also our analysis of current market conditions. 

- The FX Diagnostic: Foreign Exchange, particularly non-USD payments and receipts by US companies, is the source of significant hidden cost. TC Risk Advisors’ free foreign exchange diagnostic identifies and quantifies these costs. We then show companies how they can reduce these costs by making relatively small changes to their existing processes. 

- Corporate FX Hedge Program: Protect EBITDA with ongoing forecasted cash flow hedge program that incorporates the current market environment. We analyze your cash flows to ensure a hedge program achieves the intended results.

- Interest Rate Risk in Financings and Re-financings: Manage interest rate risk on existing (or expected) floating-rate debt. In addition to recommending strategies that best suit your objectives and constraints and market conditions, we also streamline the process and ensure you get a fair price.

- Buying/Selling an Overseas Asset: Protect the expected USD cost/proceeds (before closing with a deal-contingent strategy). Select debt denomination based on cash flow denomination (even if the purchase price is in USD).